Spay & Neuter

The Importance of Spay & Neuter

When you spay or neuter your pet, you’re helping to control the pet homelessness crisis. There are also many benefits – both behavioral & medical – to spaying and neutering your animals.

Female pets who are spayed live longer, healthier lives and won’t go into heat. Without being spayed, a female cat can have up to five litters in a year!

Neutering male pets prevents testicular cancer and some prostate problems. Male pets who are neutered are generally better behaved and less likely to roam away from home.

Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Programs

We have several options to help community members safely and affordably get their pets spayed or neutered.


EARS provides transportation to/from Springfield each month to Animal Protective League’s spay/neuter clinic. Owners meet the EARS representatives at a designated location in Effingham from 5am – 5:45am, and then in Shelbyville at 6:30am.  Return that same day will have pickup in Shelbyville at 5:30pm and Effingham at 6:15pm.

Feral Cat Program

In a trap or carrier – $45 for spay/neuter, ear tip, rabies, and FVRCP vaccines

Domestic Cats

In a carrier – $105 for spay/neuter, rabies, and FVRCP vaccines


FOR MORE INFORMATION, AND TO SIGN UP:  Call Alice at (217) 343-4244.





After years of helping the community spay & neuter thousands of animals, we are revising our spay/neuter program to ensure its sustainability for years to come.

Our program will now issue $50 vouchers towards spay/neuter surgeries on applicant’s account at local Effingham, IL and immediate surrounding areas (within 30-miles) vet clinic.

How It Works:

  • Submit a spay/neuter request via the button below, and we will confirm receipt with you.
    • We will need to verify that your vet clinic is included in our program.
  • After you hear from us, we will send a $50 voucher towards one spay/neuter surgery to your vet clinic.
  • You will then be responsible for making the appointment and transporting your pet to/from the vet clinic for the designated day and appointment time.
  • You are responsible for payment to the vet clinic at the time of drop-off.
    • Your vet clinic will be able to confirm the estimated total cost with you. As an example, if your clinic charges $170 for a spay, EARS will pay $50 towards it, and you will be responsible for $120.
  • All vaccines & other services will remain at your responsibility.

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